In the story of Masquerading the Marquess, the heroine, Calliope, is an 1823 London caricaturist. A number of caricatures are described in the book. Suzanne Baumann of brought five of them to life. The direct quote from the book describing the caricature is listed underneath each picture.

Masqerading the Marquess caricature - Harpy

The picture illustrated a sparrow with a bandaged leg and spectacles applying tar and feathers to a large-mouthed harpy standing in shock. In the background, ornately plumed birds had wide eyes focused on the twosome and the flock was depicted gathering up bits and pieces of grain on the floor.
- Masquerading the Marquess, pg. 28

Masquerading the Marquess caricature - Garnishing

Madame Giselle’s attention shifted to Calliope. She stared at her for a long moment and then circled her, making Calliope feel rather like a rack of beef being inspected. She filed the visual for future use. One caricature idea already. Maybe this trip would pay for itself.
- Masquerading the Marquess, pg. 62

Masquerading the Marquess caricature - Fern

The first one depicted a debutante, who bore a striking resemblance to Sarah Jones, talking to a wilted fern as several gentlemen tiptoed away. Her vacant expression and uplifted nose prevented her from seeing her escaping prey.
- Masquerading the Marquess, pg. 243

Masquerading the Marquess caricature - Hercules

He lifted the next one. It was one of the drawings Calliope had done of him. He was splayed across a garden bench staring at the sky watching Hercules fight the Hydra… Jagged wounds cut across both Hercules and the Hydra, and one fallen head from the Hydra lay on the ground, carelessly tossed there by Hercules.
- Masquerading the Marquess, pg. 362-363

Masquerading the Marquess caricature - Marrying

A cartoon with the caption Marrying the Marquess was prominently displayed…In the center, untouched by all of the chaos surrounding them, the handsome groom gazed lovingly at the radiant bride. A single beautiful bloom was held tenderly in her hand.
- Masquerading the Marquess, pg. 369