The Earl of Her Dreams

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A rakish man with too many secrets and a woman on the run get roped into solving a murder at a snowed in country inn… Mr. Body and Clue meet Regency England, but there’s never been a Wadsworth quite like this…

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The Earl of Her Dreams
Anne Mallory
November 2006
ISBN: 0-06-087295-0
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Back cover blurb

They could hide their painful pasts and true identities…but not the passion in their hearts…

Facing the choice of flight or a wedding she cannot abide, Kate Simon has chosen to flee. Disguised as a boy, she takes refuge in a roadside inn, and finds herself rooming with intensely secretive Christian Black. Kate is breathless in the presence of this handsome, mysterious rogue whose piercing gaze seems to strip her naked. But neither suspects that a savage storm and a murder will draw them closer together still.

Christian dares not let anyone learn of his haunted past – or that he is, in truth, the Earl of Canley – especially not a slip of a girl whose masculine attire cannot disguise the exquisite female form beneath. But now that destiny and a dastardly crime have united them, Christian can no longer contain his desire to taste the nectar of Kate’s sweet kiss. Danger certainly abounds, but the gravest peril might be resisting a once-in-a-lifetime passion that can heal all wounds.


THE EARL OF HER DREAMS by Anne Mallory is an exciting and sexy romp through England….This is a great book and I highly recommend it if you enjoy a sexy romance with a touch of mystery thrown in.
Char at Romance Junkies

Ms. Mallory writes such exquisite romances and never leaves any details out. Everything is well thought out and well written, taking readers to a far away place in another time period and woos them with love, sex and a romance that will make you melt. Everything Anne Mallory writes is a keeper!
Debbie at A Romance Review

I am really impressed with THE EARL OF HER DREAMS. Before reading it, I just figured it was another lady-dressed-as-a-boy story. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize I was wrong—very wrong. It’s a clever mystery, a beautiful romance and a very entertaining read.
Julie Kornhausl at Romance Reader at Heart

Mallory has written a rich, suspenseful tale full of colorful characters… 4 Stars.
Maria at Romantic Times

Ms. Mallory whips up an outrageously fun and clever romp filled with delightful characters. It has the perfect blend of mystery and romance to give readers an entertaining read.
Suan Wilson at Fresh Fiction

Many have touted Anne Mallory as a rising star in historical romance, and her talent for weaving a solid story is showcased in THE EARL OF HER DREAMS.
Amy Cunningham at Romance Reviews Today

THE EARL OF HER DREAMS is a wonderful brisk Regency romantic suspense thriller with a delightful investigative subplot into the homicide. The story line is fast-paced and filled with action…
Harriet Klausner

I liked the tension between the characters, how they each have something they hold back from the other. They open up to each other slowly, for coming to trust someone else isn’t easy for either of them. I thought the plot was an interesting one, a bit like some Agatha Christie mystery, with everyone trapped in the inn for a period of days, and a large number of people having a motive to do murder…If you like a lot of mystery to your romance, then give this one a try.
Lynn Lamy at Rakehell

This book combines two of my favorite genres, historical romance and mystery, and does it very well….The romance between Kate and Christian is wonderfully written and I will definitely be looking for more books by this author.
Maura at Coffee Time Romance

Anne Mallory is quite masterful at building tension and provoking a reader’s curiosity
Cheryl Jeffries at Heartstrings Reviews

The Earl of Her Dreams has it all — intriguing, engaging characters and witty dialog keep pace with mystery, action, and sensuality. Anne Mallory consistently delivers an enjoyable and absorbing read!
Anne Lum at Writers Unlimited

This was a delightfully robust romance that comes complete with a plethora of interesting and colorful characters, a bounty of likely suspects, and two sensitive and wounded protagonists just made for one another.
Marilyn Rondeau at Kwips and Kritiques

First Excerpt

“Look at Mary, Kate.” She looked to see Mary lean into Lake. “Lake thinks she is more priceless than the finest china, more beautiful than the loveliest of roses.”

Kate stiffened. Christian was running a finger up her jaw and toward her other ear. Her scarred ear, which was not like the finest china or more beautiful than the loveliest of roses.

“I’m not beautiful,” she whispered.

“Why would you think that?” His lips pressed against her throat. “To me Mary is just a pretty lass. To Lake she is beauty personified. If I say you are beautiful, then who are you to tell me no?”

His fingers played with the cotton weave around her shirt, leaving trails of fire as they moved.

“Don’t you trust me, Kate?”

His tone was light.

Did she trust him? Trust him not to hurt her when he did see that she wasn’t beautiful after all? She badly wanted to continue their touches, to feel his heated glances. He made her feel. And she desperately wanted to continue despite her previous judgment that she should entrust no one with her heart.

Could she trust her own judgment?

“I want to trust you more than anything. I want to know who you really are. Behind the mask.” Her words were rough and needy.

He stilled his movements and she gave a quick look behind in distress, cursing her sudden honesty. There was an unreadable expression on his face. And then he slowly turned her so that she was facing him, put his hands lightly on the sides of her face and drew her forward.

His lips hovered a hairsbreadth over hers and he whispered against her lips, the smooth feel of strong silk against satin, “Be careful, Kate, or I’ll never let you go.”

And then he kissed her.

Character Sketches and Floor Plans

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Inside the book

Floor plans for The Dragon’s Tale Inn — a murder has taken place in the snowed in country inn. Examine the rooms carefully. One of the people listed below will be forever silenced. And the murderer walks amongst the others left behind…
Second Floor of the Dragon's Tale Inn
Second Floor of the Dragon's Tale Inn
Second Floor of the Dragon's Tale Inn

Fun Stuff

Over at the Jaunty Quills blog I challenged people to post goofy Limericks, Haikus and Couplets and a few readers posted ones related to The Earl of Her Dreams! Here they are, in all their goody-goodness! There were some fabulous non-book related ones too, which you can view here, here and here.


From Rainy:

There once was a girl named Kate
who dared to outrun her fate,
Disguised as a lad,
But secretly glad,
When her charms are exposed to her mate.

From AndreaW:

There once was a rakish young earl
Who suspected the lad was a girl
They met at an inn
There was murder within
They had secrets to never unfurl

From Bonnie Ferguson:

There once was a woman named Kate
Who fled a marriage she’d hate.
Then an earl in disguise
With the most intense eyes,
Elevated her nervous heart rate.

From me:

There once was a rogue from Britain,
Who never thought to be smitten;
He went to an inn,
Found a girl to win,
And discovered love had bitten.

There once was a girl from the country,
Who really needed a place to flee;
Saddled with a Rake,
Thought it a mistake,
But she found his love would set her free.


From AndreaW:

Kate is on the run
Christian has a haunted past
Will they find true love?

From Bonnie Ferguson:

An earl in disguise
A woman incognito
True love is their goal

From Rainy:

A pretty lass, Kate
Shivers in a frigid place
Comfort eases close

Haunted, Christian hides
Snow encases, hearts will melt
Love waits in quiet

From Haven Rich:

Kate makes an escape
From a marriage she would hate
And hides at an inn

Christian has a past
But a murder at an inn
While all is snowed in

A sweet kiss is shared
Burning desires spark passions
Will we get a HEA

We will have to wait
Until the November date
To hit the bookstores.

From me:

Christian seeks a book
Kate Simon, a place to hide
Will the two collide?

A murder within
Secrets too dark to be told
Mystery abounds.

Love, the greatest gift
Embracing it the challenge
In the midst of change


From Haven Rich:

Kate has a wicked little plan,
Which doesn’t involve a certain man,
A man she can not abide
To an roadside inn she will hide

Christian is a man with a task
He’s the Earl of Canley behind a mask
Danger looms in every shadow
Kate think he’s a cute fellow

A murderer must confess
To bring an end to this mess
Sweet kisses to be had
And that can’t be bad.

From AndreaW:

Kate Simon runs to a roadside inn
Unbeknownst to her, there is danger within
She shares a room with Christian Black
Once they kiss, they can never go back

From me:

Christian seeks a stolen book,
In The Dragon’s Tale Inn he knows to look,
Kate seeks a place to hide,
Instead she finds her future mate inside.

Kate has a scar and pain that runs deep,
Christian a wretched past and promise to keep,
Stuck together in a snowed in inn,
More than healing they may find within.

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