Three Nights of Sin

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A sensual romance with a dark edge. Mystery, sex, murder and secrets collide as one woman makes a pact with a mysterious and extraordinary man.

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Three Nights of Sin
Anne Mallory
May 2008
ISBN: 978-0-06-124241-0

Back cover blurb

Three nights of danger . . .

When her brother was arrested for murder, the ton shut its doors to Marietta Winters. No one would help her save him from the gallows – no one but Gabriel Noble. In exchange for taking the case, Gabriel requests three favors from the desperate young beauty, and Marietta has no other choice but to make a deal with the sinfully handsome devil.

Three nights of pleasure . . .

Searching for clues in the rough underbelly of London, Marietta must masquerade as a shamelessly wanton wench – much to Gabriel’s delight. But Marietta swears to herself that her passionate moans are just for show. She could never fall in love with such a maddening, arrogant, seductive stranger . . . could she?

Three nights of sin . . .

Night after night, she satisfies his wicked cravings. But soon Gabriel wants more from Marietta than just three nights of sin – and even a sordid secret in his past won’t prevent him from trying to possess her forever.

Excerpt #1

“You asked for my help, Miss Winters.”

Her fingernails dug into her left palm. She picked up the journal, shaking it in his direction. “Were you going to give me this if I hadn’t walked in on the two of you?”

“And here I thought you trusted me.” His voice was nonchalant.

“I don’t trust you at all. A sin would be less dangerous.”

He was suddenly squatting in front of her, having moved too quickly for her to react. He ran his thumb over the leather top of the journal, the tip brushing her fingers.

“That’s a shame, Marietta.” His voice held the low hum of an ocean wave at night. “If you don’t trust me, your brother is going to hang.” His fingertips moved along the side of her hand and then lifted. The most dangerous man she’d ever met crouched in front of her. “And I guarantee that you will still be serving me. Three services. Three tasks. Three nights of sin?”


This has got to be my #1 pick for your Spring reading. It’s sure to melt the ice from your roof and the snow from your driveway.”
-Debbie – Read the full review at A Romance Review

THREE NIGHTS OF SIN was an excellent read. The characters and storyline are richly developed, pulling the reader in from the start and never letting go until the last page is turned. This is my first read by Anne Mallory, and I’m pleased to say that it will not be my last.
-Aemelia – Read the full review at Night Owl Romance

Romantic Times – 4 Stars and the KISS award for outstanding romantic hero!

THREE NIGHTS OF SIN has all the elements of a modern mystery, only set in early London, a time of mysterious murders and awful things happening in back parts of town. Rip-roaring action, sexual shenanigans, and tortured characters make THREE NIGHTS OF SIN a fanciful read that will hold your interest all the way through. What three favors could you provide Gabriel in exchange for the life of someone you love?”
-Carolyn Crisher – Read the full review at Romance Reviews Today

Three Nights of Sin is a shining example of Anne Mallory’s brilliance! I will forever adore Gabe. He is everything I want in a hero! Dark, secretive and infinitely honorable. Three Nights of Sin filled me with trepidation, desire and utterly satisfied happiness. A true page-turner with a surprising ending, I highly recommend Three Nights of Sin.”
-Annmarie – Read the full review at Joyfully Reviewed

Their love story is very engrossing and the love scenes are wonderfully descriptive…This is a great combination of murder mystery and historical romance and very exciting in both aspects.”
-Maura – Read the full review at Coffee Time Romance

If you haven’t ever read Anne Mallory, then this is definitely the book to change that! It’s well-written with likeable, real characters and a plot that will surprise and move readers. I could not recommend it more!”
-Jenna Petersen – Read the full review at Romance Novel TV

Plan on staying up all night, as it will become impossible to put this memorable book down.”
-Suan Wilson – Read the full review at Fresh Fiction

What a completely impressive offering from author Anne Mallory! THREE NIGHTS OF SIN is one of the best historicals that I have read so far this year.
-Sarah Silversmith – Read the full review at The Romance Readers Connection

Suffice to say that Three Nights of Sin is a wonderful read that was equal parts romance and suspense, creating a spellbinding book that was difficult to put down.
-Valarie Pelissero – Read the full review at Rakehell