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Publisher Contact

HarperCollins/Avon publishing can be reached directly at this site.

Caricature Info

Suzanne Baumann drew all of the caricatures on this site. The five original caricatures which were drawn for Masquerading the Marquess can be seen here. The web banner and assorted snapshots were photochopped by us, so anything that looks out of place – the blame is solely ours (Anne & Matt). You can see more of Suzanne’s artwork at her website


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Copyright Info

All content rights reserved by Anne Mallory, 2004-2012, unless noted otherwise. The chief exceptions are the caricature drawings and derivative artwork whose original rights are held by Suzanne Baumann.

If you are interested in redistributing any of the material that you’ve found under the root (barring the caricatures as noted above, or any cited material not created by Anne), send a note through the contact form above. We are open sourcers, so you have pretty good odds for getting a thumbs up. :)