Welcome to the home of Bob and Pounce. Favorite activities include sleeping, standing in front of the computer monitor, napping, lying on the keyboard, licking, sitting on laps, playing, stretching horizontally across the foot of the bed at night, chirping, giving cat hugs and making a general ruckus.

Most recent pics at bottom!

Your hosts:
Bob and Pounce

Bob corrects the “My cat turned off my alarm” myth.
Bob on alarm clock

Pounce helps.
Pounce on alarm clock

Cat smooch

Do you mind?
Cat smooch interruption

The weekend cat, brought to you by Bob.
Cat nap

No, ociffer, I swear it was just an after-furball drink.
Pounce with his booze

You put your right paw up,
You put your right paw down,
You put your right paw up,
And you shake it all around…
Bob taking an upside down nap

Happy 2006!
Bob &Pounce

Bob, the undercover cat.
Undercover cat

A bag of cat.
Bag of cat

Stuff on my cats – blame Jenna Petersen.
The Viscount's Wicked Ways on Pounce

The Viscount's Wicked Ways on Bob

Jenna’s stuff on my cats.
Jenna's Scandalous on Pounce

Jenna's Scandalous on Bob

Bob promotes books for children, along with his tireless efforts to advance the nap movement.
Bob in a Scholastic Book box

Hungry, evil cats at work…
Evil Pounce

Evil Bob