Pictures – Conferences

The 2007 Romance Writers of America Conference in Dallas

In a somewhat chronological order…

Anne Mallory and May Chen
Anne and her editor, May Chen at RWA National in Dallas, 2007.

Cindy Kirk
Cindy Kirk at dinner on Tuesday, which was a blast. I sat in between Cindy and Adele Ashworth, which meant I laughed nearly nonstop through dinner.

Adele Ashworth
Adele Ashworth, the fabulous, posing at dinner Tuesday. I have a series of hilarious shots of her at dinner, along with a picture of Adele giving us all flight directions on the Avon bus — but she might shoot me if I post them. ;) If you have never met Adele, get thee on a plane to Texas!

Terry, Pris and Dianne
Terry McLaughlin, Priscilla Kissinger and Dianna Love Snell at the Wet Noodle Posse lunch on Wednesday. We try to arrange lots of Noodler get togethers at conference because the group is so large, everyone is so busy, and after spending a year sharing laughter and tears online, you just want to SEE and hug everyone.

Anne signing
Anne at the literacy signing Wednesday night. I sat next to Margo Maguire, my fellow Jaunty Quill, which was awesome. Speaking of Margo…

Margo at the signing!

Anne Mallory and Liz
With Liz at the Literacy Signing. Let’s just say that Liz made my night when she came over to my table. :D *waves to Liz*

Avon Messageboard Meet and Greet
The Avon Messageboard meet and greet Wednesday night – a ton of fun – come join us in San Francisco!

Clarisse and Kathryn Smith
Clarisse and Kathryn Smith at the meet and greet. Two ladies who are both hilarious and sweet. A deadly combo.

Robyn, Jenna and Anne
Robyn DeHart, Jenna Petersen and Anne at the meet and greet. Jaunty sisters and partners in crime.

Robyn and her Mom
Robyn and her Mom, through the looking glass (aka Jenna’s camera) at the meet and greet.

Jenna Petersen, Anne Mallory, May Chen
Jenna, Anne and May sharing a cab with Margo and Sophie Jordan on Thursday.

Margo Maguire and Jenna Petersen
Margo and Jenna in the happy cab.

Sophie Jordan
Sophie up front!

Wet Noodle Posse
The Wet Noodle Posse gathers at The Golden Network’s ceremony on Thursday night.

Noodler Bootees
Lorelle Marinello, Jennie Lucas, Esri Rose and Lee McKenzie – Wet Noodle Posse members who got the “boot” and sold their first book this year! W00T! Congratulations, ladies!!!

Jaunties at RWA National in Dallas 2007
The Jaunty Quills girls on Friday.

Noodlers at Avon
Lorelle Marinello, Janet Mullany and Anne – Noodlers at Avon. :)

Divas go limo
The Fog City Divas’ limo Saturday night. Traveling in style…with rogue/roguish hand included. If you haven’t met the Divas…well, you will DEFINITELY have to come to San Francisco next year.

Divas go limo 2
Candice Hern, Kathrynn Dennis and Bella Andre in the limo during a leg of the adventure.

Anne and Jami
Anne and Jami Alden – taking their own picture.

Jami, Bella, Kalen
Jami, Bella and Kalen Hughes at dinner, looking like the hot tamales they are.

Carol and Candice
Carol Grace and Candice Hern at dinner on Saturday, looking marvelous.

Monica, Anne, Barbara
Monica McCarty, Anne and Barbara Freethy at dinner on Saturday, with two out of three looking wonderful. Note to self: throw away hair clips…

Jenna, Robyn, Anne
Jenna, Robyn and Anne after the RITA/Golden Heart ceremony. Saturday night is always a little bittersweet. The last time you see everyone for another year.

Noodler after party
The Wet Noodle Posse after party. Thank you to Esri Rose and Colleen Gleason for all their hard work!!!

Stef Feagan
Stef Feagan summing up the night and the conference. :D

The 2006 Romance Writers of America Conference in Atlanta

Anne at the Literacy Signing
Anne at RWA's Literacy Signing

Jaunties unite! Anne, Shane, Robyn, Cindy, Margo and Shirley at the Avon Family Dinner. (I snuck Kim in the corner…we missed her!!!)
Jaunties at the Avon Family Dinner

May’s Jaunty Girls – Anne, May, Robyn, Sophie and Shane
May's Girls at the Avon Family Dinner

Tessa and May – editors extraordinaire
Tessa & May

Jenna Petersen and Anne – goofy as usual, but this time at the Avon Dinner
Jenna & Anne

Kathryn Smith and Julianne MacLean after the Avon Dinner
Kate & Julianne

Kathrynn Dennis and Anne on Awards night – Kathrynn just sold two books to Kensington!
Kathrynn & Anne

Esri Allbritten (Kiki Clark) and Colleen Gleason celebrate Colleen’s boot out ceremony and book contracts — watch for Colleen’s Gardella vampire series coming in January 2007!
Esri & Colleen

Trish Milburn and Anne – Trish is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet and a darn fine editor for print publications and newsletters, including the Wet Noodle Posse e-zine!
Trish & Anne

The Wet Noodle Posse goes wild for its three Rita winners!
WNP Rita fun

The Wet Noodle Posse – Anne, Stef, Mary, Esri, Pris, Trish and Jennifer – celebrate Stephanie Feagan’s Rita win!
WNP Rita fun

The Wet Noodle Posse does…karaoke?
WNP Karaoke

The Wet Noodle Posse saying goodnight after a long night of karaoke
WNP Gals

The 2005 Romance Writers of America Conference in Reno

Anne Signing
Anne at the 2005 RWA Literacy Signing in Reno, NV
Jenna and Teresa
Jenna Petersen and Teresa Medeiros at the Literacy Signing.
The Wet Noodle Posse strikes again!
The Wet Noodle Posse strikes again!
Terry and Janice
Terry McLaughlin, new Harlequin author (yay!) and Janice Lynn, new Dorchester author (yay!) — they were “booted” at The Golden Network reception. (Being booted is a good thing!)
Elvis upon Avon
Elvis sings at the Avon dinner in Reno.
Ceremony gals
Anne, Sherril, Sonja, Sally and Michelle at the RITA/Golden Heart awards ceremony in Reno.
The Wet Noodle Posse strikes again, again — but this time after the awards
GH Winners
Nadele Jacobs, Jenna Ness and Lorelle Marinello after their Golden Heart wins. Congratulations, ladies!!!
Theresa and Anne
Theresa Ragan and Anne after the awards ceremony

The 2004 Romance Writers of America Conference in Dallas

Wet Noodle Posse
The Wet Noodle Posse after The Golden Network ceremony (Dianna and Janice won the Golden Pen in their categories that night!). (Back row, L-R, Stef, Bridget, Mary, Pam, Lorelle, Trish, Esri, Anne, Terry, Delle, Norah, Dianna. Front row, L-R, Theresa, Stephanie, Janice, Priscilla, Debra Holland, Jill, Merrillee, Karen, Debra Lew Harder)
Golden Heart Winners
Delle, Debra and Trish win the Golden Heart in their categories
The Wet Noodle Posse Nitpicker Team
The WNP nitpicky team – Anne, Colleen and Esri (missing Trish, who was still celebrating her Golden Heart win!)
Anne and her editor, Selina
Anne & Selina (Anne’s wonderful editor)
Wet Noodle Posse
The Wet Noodle Posse poses after the Golden Heart and RITA ceremony. (Back row, L-R, Esri, Norah, Mary, Debra Holland, Priscilla, Janice, Colleen, Anne, Lorelle, Pam. Front row, L-R, Stef, Debra Lew Harder, Trish, Delle, Anna, Stephanie, Merrillee)