Pictures – Greece

We sailed for a week through the Cyclades in Greece this summer (2006), hitting Paros, Naxos, Iraklia, Ios and Antiparos. We ferried to Mykonos afterwards and tried to go to Delos, but no ferries would make the Delos journey (*sob*) due to the high winds. Each island had its own local color, its own richness and pizzazz. Some were quiet and quaint, others rough and rowdy, but they all had the same great food and beautiful beaches. Well, ok, some beaches were definitely better than others!

No sailing pictures to show, in order to protect the innocent (aka the other 8 people who sailed), but there is one of our sailboat below, a Bavaria 44. We self-captained and crewed, so it was our very own adventure. And happily, nothing went too screwy. Our sailing days ranged from placid to Force 7 winds (9-13 foot waves), so every day was different. A highly recommended choice of travel for anyone interested in venturing out in the Greek Islands! And if sailing isn’t your thing…the ferries run nearly everywhere. :)

The same caveat applies to these as to the London pictures…hope to post more once I get a good gallery script running! :)

The Acropolis, fuzzy style

Parthenon long shot
A long shot of the Parthenon from up top.

Parthenon up close
Parthenon – up close and personal.

Our Sailboat
Our lovely vessel (in front).

Aegean Blue
A cropped shot of the water – Aegean blue, for Robyn. :) Yes, it is that blue!

The waterfront at night in Naxos.

Motorinos in Naxos
Our Motorino line in Naxos — a great way to tour the islands!

An octopus on a line in Antiparos.

Greece streets
A building in Lefkes, Paros – a fantastic town of walking streets.

Mykonos Beach
A small beach in Mykonos – away from the winding streets that were built to confuse marauders (and tourists).

Mykonos – living on the edge.