Pictures – London

Here are a few pics from my trip to London in June/July. Hope to put up more once I get a good gallery script going. :)


A peek into Piccadilly Circus.

Anne in Hyde

Anne in Hyde Park.

Hyde Greenery

The beautiful greenery of Hyde Park.

The Serpentine

The Serpentine (and some paddle wheels that weren’t “quite” there in the Regency period…)

The Tower

The Tower of London – highly recommended for a visit.

King George III's Library in the Bristish Museum

King George III’s Library in the British Museum.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle – favored residence of the Queen with a long history behind it.

The Long Walk

The Long Walk – Windsor Castle is there at the end. Might have to squint a bit at this size and resolution. :D

Anne at the end of the long walk

Anne, at the end of The Long Walk from Windsor Castle, imitating the statue of George III. Gorgeous view of Windsor and Heathrow from here, but bring your walking shoes!